China Free Design Custom Bld Series Cycloidal Stainless Steel Pinwheel Speed Reducer Great quality

Solution Description

X/B Collection Cycloidal Pinwheel Pace Reducer

Technological parameter


Input pace:1000r/min,1500r/min

Output velocity:eleven-167r/min





one.Higher reduction ratio and effectiveness

Single-stage transmission can produce the reduction ration of 1:87 and more than ninety% performance. Multi-stage transmission will provide higher reduction ratio.
2.Compact framework and modest volume

Due to the adoption of planetary transmission theory, enter shaft and output shaft are at the same axis, so it has compact construction and tiny volume

3.Steady procedure and low noise
Cycloidal equipment pins have much more engagement, even bigger overlap coefficient and mechanism of secure equipment components.
4.CZPT operation and prolonged provider life
Key areas are produced with bearing metal, so they have outstanding mechanical  performance. The adoption of rolling friction can make them resilient in use.
five.Effective overload potential, powerful resistance to influence, little instant of inertia, and relevant  to occasions with regular sCZPT and good and adverse rotating.

Application illustrations

–  Belt conveyor drives
–  Bucket elevator drives
–  Agitator drives
–  Hoisting equipment drives
–  Travelling gear drives
–  Paper equipment drives
–  Dryer drives
–  Water screw drives

Set up


Workplace Block



Equipment reducers are also referred to as reducers. Mechanical accessories, by both of these two names, are created to decrease the electricity transferred amongst the motor and the equipment amongst the rotational speeds (revolutions for every moment). The reducer effectively decreases the rotational pace made by the motor, thus controlling the pace at which the machine operates and rising the torque produced by the motor. Multiplying the torque created by the motor will increase the machine’s offered energy – a procedure acknowledged as “mechanical dominance”. In a bigger context, gear reducers are fundamentally tools used to boost the effectiveness of products procedure.

China Free Design Custom Bld Series Cycloidal Stainless Steel Pinwheel Speed Reducer     Great quality