China Professional Helical-Hypoid Gear Motor K Series Gearbox Motor Speed Reducer supplier

Item Description

We are reducer specialist analysis and development maker.
Our gear motor reducer is broadly utilized in metallurgy, mining, developing components, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, plastic, rubber, meals, aerospace, foods business, pharmaceutical sector, packaging industry, chubby transportation, textile and paper, light industry a few-dimensional parking garage, assembly line, common machinery and scientific analysis and other fields.
R helical equipment motor and equipment speed reducer:
F parallel shaft-helical gear motor and equipment velocity reducer:
K helical-bevel gear motor and gear speed reducer:
S helical-worm gear motor and gear speed reducer:
Solution Characteristics:
Our equipment reducer is made on the foundation of the module mixture program, which can be easily outfitted
with various sorts of motors or other energy enter.The very same product can be geared up with a variety of power motors.
It is effortless to understand the combination of relationship amongst a variety of versions.

1. Make the transmission more static and a lot more powerful.

two. Large transmission performance, a solitary variety of velocity reducer efficiency is up to 98%.
3. The transmission ratio is good and wide in range.The merged model can form a huge transmission ratio
with a reduced output velocity.
4. A variety of forms of set up, can be put in horizontally or flange.
Item Doing work Environment:

one. Ambient temperature is – 40 ° C-50° C.(The oil shall be heated over 0° C at 0° C).
two. Not exceeding 1,000 m over sea stage.
3. The input speed shall not exceed 1800rpm, and the maximum equipment circumference speed shall not exceed 22 m/s.
four. The motor can be utilised for constructive and reverse procedure.
five. No business limits.
6. Make sure you get in touch with our techCZPT section underneath other situations.

R helical gear motor and equipment speed reducer :
R collection helical gear motor-Component specialized parameter:
F parallel shaft-helical equipment motor

F series parallel shaft-helical gear motor-Partwork complex parameter :
K Series Motor Reducer & K Sequence Helical-Worm Geared Reducer:
K Sequence Helical-Worm Geared Reducer-Portion Technological parameter:
S Sequence Foot Mounted Solid Shaft Helical-Worm Geared Reducer:
S Sequence Helical-Worm Geared Reducer-Part Technical parameter:

Manufacturing unit Workshop View:Our Following-sale Providers– inside 24 Several hours:
(one)….Prior to–Sale Provider :
01..Top quality Handle: Strictly Production Ask for foundation on signed contract
02..Delivery Time: Guarantee in contracted supply time
03..Photos: Send photos to our buyer after finish generation and packing
04..Packing Details:Give complete packing dimension desk to our client
05..Manufacturer: Regard our customers’ advice to use our customers’ own manufacturer & logo
06..Documents:Provide substantial performance support to put up you all needed customs clearance files by DHL or TNT .  

(2)….After–Sale Services :  
01..Reply : Quick reply all your concerns on line or by e-mail or by phone
02..Good quality Problems:Our manufacturing facility is dependable for any difficulties if it is resulted by our factors (Such as give you free of charge new parts to restore it  or give ample some payment value to you)
03..Secure Operating: Pls remind your clients to regard our Running Guide to work our equipment rightly, to promise Risk-free when operate our equipment.

Underneath is a listing of our presently obtainable industrial gearboxes. If you are not able to locate what you are hunting for, you should get in touch with the manufacturing facility for more options. At EP, we are constantly creating new goods and retrofitting old kinds to fulfill client demands.

China Professional Helical-Hypoid Gear Motor K Series Gearbox Motor Speed Reducer     supplier