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China manufacturer Hydraulic Gear Reducer for Auger Drilling Rig Machine supplier

Product Description

Merchandise Description

one.Large pace ratio and higher effectiveness
two.The single stage transmission can achieve the reduction ratio of 1:87 and the performance is previously mentioned%90.
three.Compact construction, modest volume
four.Low running sound and lower sounds.
five.Reliable use, extended existence
6.Reasonable style, practical main10ance, simple decomposition and installation, bare minimum number of areas and simple lubrication, make cycloidal pinwheel reducer trusted by end users


Model Number Max Output Torque  Transmission Ratio W8(without oil, motor, drum)
WLT7W 4500 30.93 43 51 62.56 5
WLT9W 6200 16.5 19.25 24.2 28.16 33.41 39.34
47.6 55.27
WLT13W 9500 16.27 19.9 22.62 26.43 32.14 37.57
45.42 53.95
WLT17W 14000 16.27 19.9 22.62 26.43 32.14 37.fifty seven
45.42 53.95 64.24 70.24 77.95 89.22
103.69 121.03 150.5 170.24
one zero five
WLT23W 16000 eighteen.56 20.35 22.66 25.75 30.06 48.18 one hundred twenty
WLT24W 19000 36.97 44.7 90.13 102.6 116.9 120.five
137.2173.7 193.3 209.3 221.1 137.six
a hundred thirty
WLT26W 18000 30.36 36.8 42.87 50.52 54.20 62 a hundred sixty five
WLT34W 25000 thirty.36 36.8 42.87 50.52 54.20 62 175
WLT36W 26000 32.57 38.43 47.21 66.96 79.36
87.78100.02 116.55 131 138.82
161.26 269
WLT40W 27000 35.88 41.04 48.28 59.thirteen two hundred
WLT50W 37500 36.8 45.13 80 87.59 91.12 99.seventy five
125.66 146.39 155.94 177.48
WLT60W 42500 33.03 39.41 63.77 76.55 86.forty six
94.80 105.53111.93 119.93 136
139.86 150.53 169.89
WLT80W 67000 sixty one.28 76.68 79.15 87.64 98.97
a hundred and ten.86126.94 49.92 164.31 185.forty three
WLT110W a hundred thousand 79.5 87.6 95.8 104.2 114.8 128.6
147.2 164.3 173.9 196.8 215
WLT160W 140000 ninety three.7 101.6 111.3 133.1 162.8 191.nine
210.8 251
WLT220W 200000 105.8 119 139.6 176.6 209 230.4
259.4 299.9 239.5 360.6

Item benefit

1. High velocity ratio and substantial performance single-stage transmission can accomplish a deceleration ratio of 1:87, and the efficiency is a lot more than 90%. If multi-phase transmission is utilised, the deceleration ratio will be greater.
two.Because planetary transmission basic principle is adopted, the input shaft and output shaft are on the very same axis line, so that the machine design can get the smallest achievable measurement.
3.The quantity of meshing teeth of cycloidal needle teeth with clean running noise and reduced cycloidal noise is a lot more, the overlap coefficient is larger, and the system of balancing device elements can make the vibration and voice constrained to a bare minimum.
4.Dependable use and lengthy services lifestyle due to the fact the main elements are created of higher carbon chromium metal, substantial energy is acquired by quenching (HRC58-62), and CZPT friction is used in some transmission contacts, so the support daily life is lengthy.

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Q1: Are you a investing firm or a maker?
A: We are a company in ZheJiang Province, China. Our business owns 
the capability of producing, processing, designing and R&D. We welcome your pay a visit to.
Q2: How we choose versions and technical specs?
A: According to the certain specifics of the requires from the part of enquiry, 
we will advise the products’ designs upon synthesizing the elements of 
discipline of products usage, energy, torque arm and ratio…
Q3: How is your value? Can you offer you any low cost?
A: Our prices are often competitive. If the client can area a large buy, 
we absolutely will enable price reduction.
This fall: How to contact us?
Send out your Inquiry Details in the Below, simply click “Send” Now!


Planetary gearboxes are used in various instances in which higher effectiveness and higher reduction ratio are essential in a modest space. Showcasing large precision and high torque-to-quantity ratio, it is excellent for torque enhance, deceleration, exact positioning and control of regenerative machinery. To make certain that the picked planetary gearbox is the best suit for your software, it is critical to take into account parameters such as torque, backlash and gear ratios when selecting a planetary gearbox.
Underneath is a listing of our at the moment obtainable industrial gearboxes. If you can not uncover what you are searching for, please speak to the manufacturing facility for far more alternatives. At EP, we are continuously developing new merchandise and retrofitting outdated types to meet client requirements.

China manufacturer Hydraulic Gear Reducer for Auger Drilling Rig Machine     supplier

China Hot selling Speed Reducer for Hydraulic Drilling Rig of Germany Rexroth Gft60 Gft80 Gft110 Standard

Product Description


Velocity reducer for drilling rig of Germany CZPT GFT110

 For rotary drilling rig winch Reducer Sany XCMG

GFT60-W Planetary Gearbox Reducer Specialized parameters:

Model: GFT0017-W GFT0080-W GFT0110-W GFT0110-W
Max.Output Torque(N.M) 14000 67000 100000 110000
Speed Ratio 45.four 99 114.eight 128.six
Recommended Motor A6VE55/A2FE45,sixty three A6VE107,160/A2FE107,125,a hundred and sixty,180
Cable Pull Max.(KN) sixty seven 231 three hundred 300
Brake Torque(N.M) 450 1571 1100 1100


Products Advantage:
Compact,room-saving planetary gearbox design
Planet wheel carried in full-complement bearings
Robust bearing system absorbing the forces exerted by the cable pull
Simple mounting
Integrated multiplate parking device
GFT winch drives are used in all kinds of winches-mobile and crawler cranes,railroad cranes,shipboard,dockside and container  cranes

GFT80W3B99-15 For rotary drilling rig winch Reducer. Sany CZPT a hundred and fifty 200 
CZPT GFT 110 GFT80 GFT60 Hydraulic Reducers For Concrete Mixers
Excavators CZPT Last Winch Generate Gearbox GFT 110 GFT80 Reducers
GFT80 GFT160 Reducer Gearbox CZPT Hydraulic Gearbox For Excavators

GFT going for walks reducer is broadly utilized in rotary drilling rig walking, the principal winch, little dimensions, compact construction, massive output torque, straightforward set up, immediate relationship with the walking tire,

GFT hydrostatic transmission (vacation reducer / travel motor) is a equipment or chain push cars and other cell gadgets excellent push. In addition, in which there is motion, rotation and rotation are relevant. Due to its particularly compact construction, the GFT transmission can also be employed where the installation atmosphere is incredibly difficult. The use of area hardened gears and quenched and tempered and surface area nitrided gears, coupled with very good manufacturing good quality, allows the system to have excellent load carrying ability and operational reliability.
 Brake: Spring loaded, hydraulically unveiled spring pressure in the actuator – Multi-disc – Stop brake. Collectively: multi-chip parking brake. Anytime needed, even at the project stage, we are often ready to recommend you on how to uncover the most ideal remedy for you.

HangZhou Yuan Yi Hydraulic Products Co., Ltd. is situated in the provincial cash of HangZhou, ZheJiang Province, brokers and distribution of international nicely-identified brands Rexroth, Sauer 

Hydraulic handle factors of the technological innovation-oriented enterprises. Fully commited to offering clients with substantial-high quality hydraulic handle factors and hydraulic method design and style, upkeep, etc.

Area services. The company has extended been nicely-known with foreign hydraulic enterprises to keep shut cooperative partnership to ensure that the first products for customers for consumers

To supply speedy reaction and complete pre-sale, revenue, after-sales services supply realistic, preferential products. Firm’s primary products are: import Rexroth

Sauer CZPT hydraulic piston pumps, motors, gear pumps, reducer assembly and equipment. China-created properly-recognized makes Xihu (West Lake) Dis. hydraulic skilled income. general public

Division consumers in the mixing truck, underground scraper, grain mix harvesters, ship equipment, concrete pump truck, CZPT mining equipment, street rollers,

Paver, port machinery, oilfield machinery, rotary drilling rig and other industries supporting the software.

Deal solution:

MF21, PV22, MF22, PV23, MF23, and so on, which are widely used in agriculture, forestry, agriculture,

MV23, PV23 + PV23 double piston pump, and motor.

Acting Product sales:

Bosch Rexroth: A2F, A6V, A7V, A8V, A11VO, A4VG, A10VSO.

Kawasaki: K3V, K3VG, K5V.

Linde: HPV-02, HPR-02, HMF-02, HMV-02.

SAUER: 90 collection, forty collection, forty five collection, 20 series, such as assembly and accessories
R988016656 GFB40T2B49-04
R98805713 GFB40T2B60-10
R988006891 GFB50T3B147-02
R98805718 GFB60T2B34-01
R98805710 GFB60T2B34-04
R98805712 GFB60T2B40-02
R98805711 GFB60T3B107-10
R988017319 GFB60T3B107-twelve
R988046593 GFB60T3B107-14
R988046594 GFB60T3B107-fifteen
R988058540 GFB60T3B107-seventeen
R988 0571 19 GFB60T3B121-03
R988066989 GFB60T3B121-04
R98805713 GFB60T3B141-01
R988018310 GFB60T3B141-ten
R98857111 GFB60T3B141-12
R98805712 GFB60T3B87-06
R988046592 GFB60T3B87-twenty
R98857114 GFB60T3B87-21
R988066990 GFB80T3B128-ten
R988006007 GFB80T3B186-05
R988006008 GFB80T3B186-06
R98805713 GFB80T3B186-09
R988017978 GFB80T3B186~13 0571 88828 13858117778
R988 0571 sixteen GFB80T3B186-19
R988 0571 17 GFB80T3B186~571-8822571/8822 0571
R98857177 GFB80T3B186~571-8822571/8822 0571

Businesses to undertake professional import hydraulic pump, motor restore, commissioning, and offer free advisory solutions.

Building equipment:

CZPT machine, paver, road roller, press, paver, drilling equipment, bulldozer, weighty digging equipment, highway mixer and so on.

Gear reducers, also known as reducers, arrive in numerous transmission variations and are developed to multiply torque and reduce enter velocity to a wanted output pace. The primary advantage of inline gearboxes is their capacity to maintain manage in programs involving higher rotational speeds. Their effectiveness and ability to give large input speeds with minimal backlash make inline reducer gearboxes perfect for a wide selection of motion handle apps

China Hot selling Speed Reducer for Hydraulic Drilling Rig of Germany Rexroth Gft60 Gft80 Gft110     Standard

in Cuiaba Brazil sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier 1200m Crawler Mounted Full Hydraulic Diamond Drilling Rig for Mining manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Cuiaba Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1200m Crawler Mounted Full Hydraulic Diamond Drilling Rig for Mining manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Our primary items are Needle Roller bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Rod stop Bearings, Spherical simple bearings, Observe roller Bearings for Guideway, Roller Bearings, Combine Bearings for forklifts, H2o Pump Bearings, SNR Automobile Bearings and all kinds of Spherical Bearings. Our merchandise are manufactured by contemporary computerized machinery and equipment. Additionally, WE CAN Create Customized VARIATORS, GEARED MOTORS, Electrical MOTORS AND OTHER HYDRAULIC Products According TO CUSTOMERS’ DRAWINGS. 1200m crawler mounted total EPTT diamond drilling rig for mining


XDL — 1200/1800 crawler variety full EPTT core drilling EPTT is a complete EPTT chuck kind through gap EPTT head main drilling EPTT deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed by our business according to the technological qualities of rope coring, which is ideal for center and deep hole main drilling.This EPTT has numerous patent EPTT, this drilling EPTT has the impressive characteristic in the higher/reduced drilling pace, the gap base force handle, the drilling parameter show and the management facet.This EPTT is mainly suitable for the core drilling of diamond composite sheet and difficult alloy.It can be utilized in geological, prospecting, hydrological properly, shallow oil and gasoline fields.

Major function
one,EPTT disc brake principal winch (patEPTTd EPTT), utilizing EPTTally operated caliper disc brakes, the major winch has totally free hook functionality, simple to work, effortless and reliable, can efficiently shorten the drilling time and decrease the labor intensity of workers

two,The constant force drilling handle system (patEPTTd EPTT) is adopted to automatically (manually) established the drilling pressure (certain strain of the drill bit and the bottom of the gap), improve the drilling performance, guarantee the quality of the hole and proEPTT the existence of the drill bit
three,The control handle is organized reasonably, the management is fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble and handy,outfitted with EPTTful dynamic parameter display handle technique (patEPTTd EPTT), which can management the motor pace, oil temperature and water temperature, EPTT system force, mEPTTpump force, drilling depth, hole base stress and other parameters in time to faXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.tate the handle of drilling

4,The mast on XDL-1200 is 10m higher to make its processing vertical root size reach 6m, and a drill pipe bracket is added to faXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.tate the lifting of the drill resource
The mast on XDL-1800 is 13.5m higher to make its processing vertical root duration reach 9m, and a drill pipe bracket is added to faXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.tate the lifting of the drill device
5,Location the drilling although sounding technique makes it possible for the driller to know the drilling depth at any time
6,Location the crane anti-collision system can properly avoid accidents and make the rig safer to work
7,Variable EPTT motor and EPTT are adopted to alter the speed of EPTT head. The selection of rotation pace is vast and reasonable.the rig has strong applicability to the development and procedure

8,The major elements of the EPTT technique of the drilling rig adopt nicely-known EPTTed manufacturers, and the EPTT components are selected from domestic popular brand names. The system is steady, reliable and has a EPTT services life
nine,Employing direct-acting load opinions to fantastic-tune the variable EPTT method, the EPTT may differ with load, high efficiency, low strength usage
ten,The EPTT chuck adopts a disc EPTT for dependable clamping
11,The chassis adopts the crawler variety, which is appropriate for more complex terrain vacation. The externally exEPTTd EPTT assist legs are used to increase the assistance region, which can properly enhance the security of the drill.

Supporting drilling equipment
1,Equipped with normal geological drilling tools for geological exploration main drilling.
two,It can be seamlessly related with drilling equipment at property and abroad through the EPTT joint.

Primary complex parameter

Design XDL-1200 XDL-1800
EPTT head MaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum diameter #1060117 mm MaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum diameter
#1060117 mm
Equipment Rotate pace torque Equipment Rotate pace torque
1 ~440 r/min 4200 Nm one ~445 r/min 5150 Nm
2 ~980 r/min 1800 Nm two ~940 r/min 2425 Nm
EPTT chuck Spring clamp EPTT open Spring clamp EPTT open up
Clamping drive:450 kN Clamping pressure:450 kN
EPTT head maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum stroke six m nine m
Mast peak 10 m 13.5 m
EPTT head maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum lifting drive 160 kN 160 kN
EPTT head
plus strain
78 kN seventy eight kN
Drilling potential BQ
1200 m
900 m
650 m
480 m
BQ 1800 m NQ 1200 m HQ 800 m PQ 600 m
Gap angle ~ 90 deg ~ ninety deg
The EPTT head rises and falls slowly and gradually EPTTally established continual strain drilling EPTTally established continual force drilling
The EPTT head rises and falls swiftly Rapidly-slow stepless pace modify Fast-sluggish stepless speed modify
EPTT engine Model :EPTT Design :6BTA5.nine-C180 Brand :EPTT Product :6BTA8.three-C240
132 Kw
Rotate speed:
2200 rmp
179 Kw
Rotate velocity:
2200 rmp
Main winch Vacant drum lifting power:76 kN Empty drum lifting pressure:86 kN
Speed (vacant drum):
50 m/min
Velocity (empty drum):
52 m/min
Rope potential:sixty m/ phi22 mm Rope capability:sixty m/ phi22 mm
AuXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary winch Empty drum lifting power:12 kN Empty drum lifting pressure:12 kN
Velocity :one hundred m/min Speed :114 m/min
Rope ability:1250m/ phi6 mm Rope capability:1800m/ phi8 mm
Mast slip stroke 1350 mm 1350 mm
Dimension (operating mm)
5000 times4100 times11000
(operating mm)
6000 times3850 times14500
(transporting mm)
6090 times2350 times2900
(transporting mm)
8000 times2300 times3340
WeigEPTT 11500 kg 15000 kg

  in Cuiaba Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1200m Crawler Mounted Full Hydraulic Diamond Drilling Rig for Mining manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Cuiaba Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1200m Crawler Mounted Full Hydraulic Diamond Drilling Rig for Mining manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

in Vijayawada India sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Hydraulic Gear Reducer for Auger Drilling Rig Machine manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Vijayawada India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hydraulic Gear Reducer for Auger Drilling Rig Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

With detailed requirments, we can also create your unique created product. It has proven stable cooperation with many properly acknowledged universities and institutes in china such as, Zhejiang University, Jilin University, Technical committee of countrywide chain push normal, Institute of countrywide chain drive, Zhejiang application engineering materials institute, Huhan materials security institute and it cooperated to identified China Initial Vehicle chain institute with National chain drive institute. “We are constantly serving our customers with our greatest products.” Solution Description

one.Large speed ratio and higher effectiveness
2.The single stage EPT can achieve the reduction ratio of 1:87 and the efficiency is above�.
three.Compact construction, modest quantity
four.Lower managing sounds and minimal sound.
five.Dependable use, EPT lifestyle
6.Realistic style, practical servicing, easy decomposition and set up, bare minimum number of areas and basic lubrication, make cycloidal pinwheel EPT EPTed by end users

Model Amount Max Output Torque EPT Ratio Fat(with out oil, motor, drum)
WLT7W 4500 thirty.ninety three 43 fifty one 62.56 5
WLT9W 6200 sixteen.five 19.twenty five 24.two 28.16 33.41 39.34
forty seven.6 55.27
WLT13W 9500 sixteen.27 19.nine 22.62 26.43 32.fourteen 37.57
45.42 53.ninety five
WLT17W 14000 sixteen.27 19.nine 22.sixty two 26.43 32.fourteen 37.fifty seven
forty five.42 fifty three.ninety five sixty four.24 70.24 seventy seven.95 89.22
103.sixty nine 121.03 a hundred and fifty.5 one hundred seventy.24
WLT23W 16000 18.56 twenty.35 22.sixty six 25.75 30.06 forty eight.eighteen one hundred twenty
WLT24W 19000 36.ninety seven 44.seven ninety.thirteen 102.six 116.9 120.five
137.2173.seven 193.three 209.three 221.one 137.6
WLT26W 18000 30.36 36.8 forty two.87 fifty.52 fifty four.twenty 62 165
WLT34W 25000 thirty.36 36.8 forty two.87 fifty.52 54.twenty sixty two one hundred seventy five
WLT36W 26000 32.fifty seven 38.43 forty seven.21 66.96 seventy nine.36
87.78100.02 116.55 131 138.eighty two
161.26 269
WLT40W 27000 35.88 41.04 forty eight.28 59.thirteen two hundred
WLT50W 37500 36.8 45.thirteen 80 87.59 ninety one.twelve ninety nine.seventy five
125.66 146.39 155.ninety four 177.48
WLT60W 42500 33.03 39.41 sixty three.seventy seven seventy six.55 86.46
94.eighty one zero five.53111.ninety three 119.ninety three 136
139.86 a hundred and fifty.53 169.89
WLT80W 67000 sixty one.28 seventy six.sixty eight seventy nine.fifteen 87.64 98.97
one hundred ten.86126.94 49.ninety two 164.31 185.43
WLT110W one hundred thousand seventy nine.5 87.6 95.eight 104.two 114.eight 128.6
147.two 164.3 173.9 196.8 215
WLT160W 140000 93.seven one hundred and one.six 111.3 133.1 162.eight 191.nine
210.eight 251
WLT220W 200000 one zero five.eight 119 139.6 176.6 209 230.four
259.4 299.nine 239.5 360.six

Product advantage

one. Higher velocity ratio and large performance single-stage EPT can attain a deceleration ratio of one:87, and the performance is far more than 90%. If multi-phase EPT is used, the deceleration ratio will be greater.
2.Since planetary EPT theory is adopted, the enter shaft and output shaft are on the identical aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s line, so that the EPT design can get the smallest attainable dimension.
three.The amount of meshing tooth of cycloidal needle enamel with easy running noise and reduced cycloidal sounds is much more, the overlap coefficient is more substantial, and the mechanism of balXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ng EPT elements helps make the vibration and voice constrained to a least.
4.Reliable use and EPT provider daily life simply because the main parts are made of higher carbon chromium metal, high power is attained by quenching (HRC58-62), and rolling friction is utilized in some EPT contacts, so the provider lifestyle is EPT.

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Q1: Are you a buying and selling company or a producer?
A: We are a maker in EPTngsu Province, EPT. Our organization owns
the potential of manufacturing, processing, designing and R ampD. We welcome your go to.
Q2: How we select versions and technical specs?
A: In accordance to the certain information of the demands from the component of enquiry,
we will suggest the products’ types on synthesizing the aspects of
subject of items usage, EPT, torque arm and ratio…
Q3: How is your cost? Can you offer any price cut?
A: Our costs are alwaEPTcompetitive. If the consumer can spot a large buy,
we absolutely will enable price cut.
This fall: How to make contact with us?
Send your Inquiry Details in the Below, click quotSend quot Now!

  in Vijayawada India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hydraulic Gear Reducer for Auger Drilling Rig Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Vijayawada India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hydraulic Gear Reducer for Auger Drilling Rig Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler