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Solution Description

Specifics Pictures:

one. Hollow system, which can insert cables within the reducer, so as to realize the room-preserving design of the system
2. Built-in system of the main bearing: the reliability is enhanced and the overall price is lowered
three. Angular contact ball bearings are put in, so they can support external loads. Simply because of its higher rigidity and big minute bearing ability, it can be utilized to rotating shafts It can minimize the amount of elements necessary Simple installation
4.2-phase reduction system: modest vibration, modest gD2, the slow revolution velocity of RV equipment, reduced vibration, diminished motor immediate junction (input gear), and inertia
five. Double column help system: large torsional rigidity Sturdy affect resistance (five hundred% of rated torque) The crankshaft can be supported by two columns
six. CZPT contact system: exceptional beginning efficiency Little dress in and long support existence Little backlash (1arc. Min.) Use of rolling bearings
7. Needle gear system: little backlash (1arc. Min.), strong influence resistance (500% of rated torque), and far more simultaneous meshing of RV gear and needle tooth

one. Large torsional rigidity, substantial torque
two. Committed technical personnel can be on the go to give design solutions
three. Factory immediate product sales wonderful workmanship tough quality assurance
4. Item high quality issues have a 1-calendar year warranty time, can be returned for replacement or restore

Company profile:

HangZhou CZPT TechCZPT Co., Ltd. was proven in 2014. Primarily based on lengthy-time period amassed expertise in mechanical layout and producing, different sorts of harmonic reducers have been developed according to the various requirements of buyers. The organization is in a phase of quick development. , Products and staff are consistently increasing. Now we have a team of experienced technological and managerial personnel, with superior equipment, full screening techniques, and item production and design abilities. Merchandise design and production can be carried out according to consumer demands, and a range of large-precision transmission parts this kind of as harmonic reducers and RV reducers have been fashioned the items have been offered in domestic and world-wide(These kinds of as United states of america, Germany, Turkey, India) and have been utilised in industrial robots, machine instruments, health care products, laser processing, reducing, and dispensing, Brush producing, LED gear manufacturing, precision digital gear, and other industries have established a excellent track record.
In the long term, Hongwing will adhere to the function of collecting talents, maintaining close to the industry, and technological innovation, carry forward the price pursuit in the discipline of harmonic drive&RV reducers, seek the widespread improvement of the organization and the society, and quietly create alone into a nicely-known manufacturer with unbiased mental home rights. High quality provider in the field of precision transmission”.

SCZPT manufacturing unit:

Our plant has an entire campus The amount of workshops is around 300 Regardless of whether it really is from the creation of raw resources and the procurement of uncooked supplies to the inspection of completed goods, we’re performing it ourselves. There is a comprehensive creation program

HST-I Parameter:

Rating table
Output pace (rpm) 5 ten 15 twenty 25 30 forty fifty 60
Model Speed ratio code R
Pace ratio
Output torque (nm)
Input ability (kw)
Axis rotation Shell rotation
RV-10C 27 27 26 136
/ .09
/ .sixteen
ninety eight
/ .21
/ .twenty five
eighty four
/ .29
/ .34
seventy three
/ .41
/ .forty seven
/ .fifty four
RV-27C 36.57 one,390/38 1352/38 368
/ .26
/ .forty two
/ .fifty five
/ .68
/ .79
/ .90
/ 1.ten
/ 1.29
/ 1.forty six
RV-50C 32.54 one,985/61 1924/61 681
/ .forty eight
/ .seventy seven
/ 1.03
/ 1.26
/ 1.47
/ 1.sixty seven
/ 2.04
/ 2.38
RV-100C 36.75 36.75 35.seventy five 1,362
/ .ninety five
/ 1.55
/ 2.05
/ 2.fifty one
/ 2.94
/ 3.33
/ 4.08
RV-200C 34.86 one,499/43 1456/43 2,724
/ 1.ninety
/ 3.09
/ 4.eleven
/ 5.04
/ 5.88
/ 6.sixty nine
RV-320C 35.sixty one two,778/78 2700/78 4,361
/ 3.04
/ 4.ninety four
/ 6.fifty seven
/ 8.05
/ 9.41
RV-500C 37.34 three,099/eighty three 3016/eighty three 6,811
/ 4.75
/ 7.73
/ ten.26
/ 12.56
Observe: 1. The allowable output speed is impacted by obligation cycle, load, and ambient temperature. When the allowable output speed is above NS1, you should check with our organization about the precautions.
two. Determine the enter capacity (kW) by the adhering to method.
Input ability (kW)=2π*N*T/60*η/100*10*ten*10 N: output pace (RPM)
T: output torque (nm)
η =  seventy five: reducer effectiveness (%)
The enter capacity is the reference benefit.
three. When making use of the reducer at a lower temperature, the no-load working torque will improve, so make sure you shell out consideration when deciding on the motor.
(refer to lower-temperature qualities)

Rated torque
(notice. 7)
Rated output velocity
Rated life
Allowable beginning and halting torque
Instantaneous highest allowable torque
Allowable greatest output velocity
(Be aware 1)
Backlash Empty variety MAX. Angle transfer Error MAX. Start off performance signifies the price MO1
MO1. Permissible minute (Observe.4)
Momstant moment Permissible second
Allowable radial load (Note.9)
Transformed value of inertia minute input shaft
(be aware. 5)
Minute of inertia I
(I = GD2 / 4) standard center gear
excess weight
(Nm) (rpm) (h) (Nm) (Nm) (r/min) (arc.sec.) (arc.min.) (arc.sec.) (%) (Nm) (Nm) (N) (kgm2) (kgm2) (kg)
ninety eight fifteen 6,000 245 490 eighty one. one. 70 seventy five 686 one,372 five,755 one.38×10-five .678×10-3 four.6
264.6 fifteen six,000 662 1,323 sixty one. 1. 70 eighty 980 1,960 six,520 .550×10-four .563×10-3 eight.five
490 15 6,000 1,225 Bolt fastening 2,450 50 1. 1. 60 75 1,764 3,528 9,428 1.82×10-4 0.363×10-2 14.6
Via-gap bolt fastening 1,960
980 15 6,000 2,450 Bolt fastening 4,900 40 1. 1. 50 80 2,450 4,900 11,802 0.475×10-three 0.953×10-2 19.5
By way of-hole bolt fastening 3,430
1,960 15 6,000 4,900 Bolt fastening 9,800 30 1. 1. 50 80 8,820 17,640 31,455 1.39×10-three 1.94×10-two 55.six
By way of-hole bolt fastening 7,350
3,136 fifteen 6,000 seven,840 15,680 twenty five one. one. 50 85 20,580 39,200 57,087 .518×10-2 .405×10-one 79.5
four,900 15 6,000 twelve,250 24,five hundred 20 one. 1. fifty 80 34,three hundred seventy eight,four hundred eighty two,970 .996×10-two one.014×10-one 154
four. The allowable torque will vary according to the thrust load. Make sure you confirm by the allowable second line diagram.
five. For moment stiffness and torsion stiffness, please refer to the inclination angle and torsion angle calculation.
6. Rated torque refers to the torque benefit reflecting the rated lifestyle at rated output speed, not the knowledge displaying the higher restrict of load. Remember to refer to the glossary (p.eighty one) and product choice movement chart (p.82).
seven. The over specifications are obtained according to the firm’s analysis strategy. You should validate that the merchandise meets the use circumstances of carrying genuine plane before use.
8. When the radial load is inside of dimension B, remember to use it within the allowable radial load range.



Q: What should I give when I decide on a gearbox/speed reducer?
A: The greatest way is to give the motor drawing with parameters. Our engineer will verify and advise the most ideal gearbox design for your reference.
Or you can also provide the beneath specification as well:
1) Variety, design, and torque.
two) Ratio or output pace
three) Functioning issue and link approach
four) Top quality and set up device identify
five) Enter manner and enter pace
six) Motor model design or flange and motor shaft size

Gearboxes go by a lot of different names, which includes equipment drives, speed reducers, equipment reducers, speed reducers, and gear motors. All phrases are utilized interchangeably when referring to inline gear reducers. Our stock contains a broad assortment of gear reducers for high pace, higher precision purposes with enter speeds up to 4000 RPM.

China best Robot Arm Joint Gearbox RV C Series Gearbox Reducer Superior Quality RV Series Speed Reducer Reduction Gearboxes Drive Power Transmission Gear Reducer     Hot selling