China supplier Fk730b Speed Reducer Professional

Item Description

FK730B pace reducer

FK130B FK230B FK330B FK530B FK730B
Output Torque 30000NM 36000NM 42000NM 60000NM 72000NM
Drum angle fifteen fifteen fifteen 15 15
Mixer Volume 3-5 cbm 6 cbm seven-8 cbm 10 cbm 12 cbm
Reduction ration 103 103 141 135.five 144.three
Input 2500RPM 2500RPM 2500RPM 2500RPM 2500RPM
Radial load 85KN 95KN 112KN 160KN 190KN
Axle load 35KN 35KN 44KN 50KN 58KN
Bodyweight 160KG 170KG 242KG 340KG 350KG
Lubricating oil five.5L 5.5L seven.5L eleven.5L 11.5L
Flange angle six six six six six
Gear oil SAE85W-ninety SAE85W-ninety SAE85W-ninety SAE85W-ninety SAE85W-ninety
Rated torque 25000NM 30900NM


We are knowledgeable transmission dealers and offer a broad assortment of transmissions, an vital component of many travel techniques. Gearboxes can be utilized to minimize or improve velocity, enhance torque, reverse or adjust the course of a travel shaft. Gearboxes are also known as gear drives, speed reducers, equipment motors, speed reducers and equipment reducers.

China supplier Fk730b Speed Reducer     Professional